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Peterson Lacrosse Training

Basking Ridge, NJ


Event Overview

Peterson Lax Clinic

Date: Thursday June 27th, 2024
Mountain Park, Basking Ridge, NJ
Grad Years:

Attack session:
Date: Thursday June 27th
Price: $100 (max 15 players)
Time: 3:30pm - 5:00PM
Location: Mountain Park

Step your offensive game up with a training session with Isabella Peterson. She is a recently drafted Athletes unlimited Pro, Tewaarton finalist (23'), all time leading scorer and points leader at James Madison University. This session will be geared around, dodging, attacking and shooting. you will have unique drills tailored to taking your game to the next level. Focusing on footwork, explosiveness and finishing. Isabella is one of the most dominant scorers in the game and is passionate about giving you the tools to dominate on the offensive side of the ball.

Draw Clinic:
Date: Thursday June 27th
Price: $100 (max 10 players)
Time: 5:30pm - 7PM
Location: Mountain Park

Train with recently drafted pro and Tewaaraton finalist (23) Isabella Peterson. If you are ready to take your draw work to the next level this is your time!  You will learn, improve and advance your skills that are essential to the draw. You will focus on wrist, strength, reaction, pressure, strategy, situation, to name a few. You will be challenged to learn skills through unique drills that you can take with you to continue to implement and grow your game. The Draw is a crucial part of the game and Bella will help you elevate that. Bella is passionate about teaching the position and skill and will help you gain confidence to step up when you need to win the draw!


Tournament training-
Dates: June 28th and 29th
Price: $40 for 30 minutes
Time: discussed with registree and Isabella Peterson
Location: Mountain Park

Looking to add some technique and knowledge onsite at the tournament?  Sign up for a quick tournament training session with Isabella Peterson,  Athletes unlimited drafted player and Tewaaraton finalist (23'). These small sessions will help you work in real time on skills needed for the game or skills that need some extra work so you can go to your next game with confidence and skills to dominate. When you sign up you will work out a time with Bella around your game times to get a quick lax blast of skill on whatever you need.