Top Threat Tournaments Girls Lacrosse

The Breakaway

West Chester, PA

06/8/2024 - 06/9/2024


Get Event Film with IWLCARecruits Pro

Film fromĀ The Breakaway is included as part of an IWLCARecruits Pro subscription. Student-athletes can access the film in one of two ways: your club is already on IWLCARecruits or the individual student-athlete purchases an IWLCARecruits Pro account on their own.

Film becomes accessible inside student-athlete accounts following the event. Athletes will be notified by email by SportsRecruits when the film is accessible in your video library. Typically it could take up to 10 business days after the event concludes for the film to be ready. If you have any questions regarding the film (when it will be released, how to access etc.) you can reach out to SportsRecruits directly at