Top Threat Tournaments Girls Lacrosse

The Breakaway

West Chester, PA

06/8/2024 - 06/9/2024


2023 US Lacrosse rules will be used for ALL age groups with the following modifications;

Special note for ONLY the 2028 DIVISION: This age group may do full checking if both teams agree  prior to playing; If both teams are playing with full-checking then all 2023 USL High School Girls rules  apply; If one team wants to check and one does not, then the transitional checking rule will stand.  

Specifically, U13 and younger, we will be playing with an 8 goal differential opposed to 4 at these levels. For U13s and younger, if a team gets up by 8 goals, then possession will be taken at the center by the team with fewer goals if an eight or more goal differential exists unless waived by the coach of the trailing team.  

*Red Cards: the penalty time for a red card will be 4 minutes for all levels. The player receiving  the red card is out the remainder of the game in which it occurred as well as the next full game. 

*Two Yellow Cards. Any player receiving two yellow cards in any given game, will NOT be allowed  to play the remainder of that game, but she will be allowed to play in the next game. 

Please note: on an 8 meter shot, if the game horn sounds before an 8 meter can be taken the player will  be allowed to take her shot; she may not pass. Once the shot is made the game is done.  

FORMAT: Championship format for all teams.

DURATION OF GAME: All games are 2 x 25 minute halves with a running clock. There is a 5 minute half time and 5 minutes in between games. There will be NO TEAM TIMEOUTS DURING ANY GAME. A  central horn will be used to start and stop games. Teams are urged to be ready to play at the start of the  horn. Referees have the authority to put more time back on the clock on a PLAYOFF game ONLY ends  during a penalty administration. The amount of time is at the Referees discretion and will be kept by the  official on the field. The time allotted should be no longer than the time needed to set-up the penalty, and  this potential “extra” time is only during the end of the second half.  

RULE PROTESTS: There will be no protests. The Referee and field marshal decision on the field is  final.  

SCORE KEEPING: The score will be kept by the field marshal as well as ONE official on the field. Prior  to the start of the game the officials will agree to which one of the pairs or trio will be responsible for keeping  score. At half the field marshal and score keeping official will confirm each other’s score. The field  marshall will report the final game score to tournament headquarters.  


GAME SCORE DISCREPANCIES: If a coach has a score discrepancy, they must alert the field marshal  and an official on that game immediately. If the discrepancy cannot be resolved, then the field marshal  can call the Tournament Director or his/her designee to the field to make the final decision. Once a game  card is signed and reported, it cannot be disputed or challenged. All disputes will be settled by the  Tournament Director or his/her designee. The decision will be final. 


CODE OF CONDUCT in HONORING THE GAME – IMPORTANT for ALL PARTICIPANTS:  Please note, this was accepted by all players and coaches during player registration.  

  1. Players, coaches, officials, parents and spectators are to conduct themselves in a manner that  "Honors the Game"  


  1. Poor sportsmanship, taunting, trash talking, fighting or other unbecoming behavior on the part of  players, coaches, parents or spectators will not be tolerated. It is also grounds for removal from the game and/or dismissal from the tournament. If a spectator or coach is called for exhibiting such  behavior, the official has the right to card the team of the spectator or coach. If the spectator’s respective team can not clearly be determined; then play will stop until the appropriate team is  determined. If the team can still not be determined, the spectator or coach can be removed from that  game. ALL play will stop until that spectator or coach leaves the field. The Tournament Director  can be called to the field to assist via the Field Marshall sitting at the table.  


  1. Unsportsmanlike conduct will minimally result in a 2 minute penalty (yellow card), but officials are  authorized to handle such conduct in their reasonable judgment based on the circumstances.  Poor sportsmanship may also result in ejectment from the game or the facility.  


  1. Only head coaches are permitted to address rule questions with the officials at half time or end of  game; coaches are expected to do so in a courteous manner. Derogatory comments are  unacceptable and subject to discipline, including ejectment.  


  1. Alcohol is NOT permitted at any of the Tournament venues.  


  1. Officials are expected to conduct themselves as professionals and in a manner that demonstrates  courtesy and fairness to all parties while exercising their authority on the field.  


  1. Eligibility requirements, such as age and double rostering, must be followed. Players may play up  an age group, but they may NOT play down! Unless previously approved, a player may not  double roster; meaning playing for 2 teams. If a team is found with illegal players, then they are  subject to having all of their games count as “forfeits”  
  2. The Tournament expects all coaches to understand the rules of the Tournament and  communicate them to all team participants and families.  


  1. ONLY Head coaches or Club Directors may report any issues regarding officials and/or other  teams to Tournament Directors or their representatives at Tournament headquarters. The  Tournament will use its reasonable efforts to address any concerns with such officials, the field  managers, the Assigning Official(s) and/or such coaches, as appropriate in their discretion.  


  1. Tournament directors reserve the right to adopt and implement such other rules or regulations as  it determines are necessary or appropriate to further the goals and objectives of the Tournament.  


INCLEMENT WEATHER: Teams should check their email and text messages for announcements before  leaving for their games in case of any field changes due to weather conditions. Announcements will be  sent through our League Apps player registration system. In addition, we will be using the text message  system through Tourney Machine. Please note the tournament reserves the right to modify any game  time to keep on time or for safety reasons. If any game is canceled due to weather, we will pick back up  on schedule if possible. All efforts will be made to reschedule that missed game. This will be worked out  with the club director and tournament director. In case of LIGHTNING, 3 long blasts of an Air horn will  sound. Clear all playing fields IMMEDIATELY. Players and fans must go into their cars. We must have 30  min. of NO Lightning, before returning to fields.  

INJURY: Delays of the game due to injury may result in shortened game times. All games must end 5  min prior to the next scheduled game on that field. There will be a Field Marshall on each field that can  summon a trainer in case of an emergency. 


HOME TEAM: The Home Team will be the team that appears first on the game schedule. In the event  that both teams have the same color jerseys, The Home Team will be required to switch to alternate  jerseys/or wear pinnies. If the Home Team cannot supply alternate jerseys, the Visitor Team will  change. The Home Team should be on the Left Bench when facing the field. Teams are on the SAME  SIDE. Spectators are opposite the bench areas. NO SPECTATORS will be allowed on the TEAM  BENCH SIDE or BEHIND THE GOALS.  

OVERTIME: In the event of overtime in the playoffs we will play a 2 minute golden goal period.  First goal wins. If after 2 minutes we are still in a tie, then a Braveheart will take place. See  Braveheart Procedures.  

BRAVEHEART: 1 center and 1 goalie from each team will be used. Play will start with a center  DRAW, and will play out until either player scores. The first to score is the team that wins. A  substitution can only occur in the event of injury. If a player needs to leave the field due to injury,  the opposing player will be offered the opportunity to sub as well..  

FORFEITS: Teams failing to report to assigned games will not be invited back next year.  

DISPUTES: All disputes will be settled by the Tournament Director or his/her designee. The decision will  be final.  

Scoring Procedures  

DETERMINING WINNERS: Teams will be awarded points on the following basis:

3 - points for a Win  

 0 - points for a Loss  

 1 - point for a Tie  


In the event of a tie in points at the end of pool play, the winner will be determined as follows:  

  1. The winner in head to head competition. (If there is a 3 team tie, proceed to the next tie  breaker)  
  2. Total goals against  
  3. Goal differential (a max +-12)  
  4. Most shut outs.  
  5. Coin toss  

NOTE: After each step, standings will be determined; if there is still a tie, then we will proceed to the next  step, and NO RULES WILL BE REVISITED